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Type of People who I appreciate their life styles.

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                     It might be because of I was born in a country side, and I spent over 10 years growing up at a farm land  before moving into a city. My life style is really simple. I had lot of friends around me, cows, dogs, chicken, fish, birds. I got to play with my neighbor kids every once in a while becasue the land of my parents is big. So it was too far to go their houses. That was a reason why I play with those animals more than other firends. When I was a kid, my dad took me out in a forest around our ranch. I had learned so much and most of it have created who I am to day. There was one question I asked my dad when he show me of a bird’s net. ” why don’t you catch them and put them in the cage? He reply: No, we will leave them alone and they will always be here. They rather be free than staying in a small cage. I didn’t understand then, but I of course had learned HOW TO LET GO THINGS. As an 8 years old boy, I already develop a thought of being simple, it was not really a perfect one, but that was a beginning. ” Today, I sit and look through my photo diary, I took picture of everything which makes me feel good at the moment , and I am thinking of what I have gone through till now. Many of you would have thought that I only do a landscape photos. I am always open for everything, but in term of there must be some ideas within that image. It doesn’t have to be much of thought, but it is enough to make me feel right. It is right. I don’t think too much of how to make art because it is already there in front of me. If it makes me to stop and look at it, there is something to make a photograph of. What is next is the light. Is it a right light of this photo? If yes, there is no reason to not make a picture. It is always been a simple thought of me while I am out making images.

        I always have a question to myself ” what is a real reason of living? ”  We must sleep enough to rest, eat enough to live, work enough to be able to pay living bills, and that all it is. A big house and a small house are the same size when you sleep!!!! a $ 1,000 meal is as same as a $10 meal….you only can eat till you full. Most of believing things we crate to believe is NOT REAL. It is what you WANT, but it is not what you NEED. To creat more of wanting is crating more traps for yourself.

       People here in a city where I now live have spent 16 hours a day to work. To be able to continue their wants, by mean of making enough income to support a big house payment, a $50,000 car, a ” LOOK ” of who they want to be seen by others. The fact is, it is not matter for other of how they are really looked like because they have their lives to deal with as well. I don’t think they get to be really who they are which is sad for me to see that. The kids are at home by themself or a daycare instead of with their parent. Who is their truely hero who teaches them how to live life the way it shoud be. Of course not a TV, babysister, computer games? Comparing to those who I met while I was traveling. The wanting seem to be less for them than the one here in a city. I see smiles a lot more than I see here in a city.

      No one can buy TIME, and it seems to me that those lucky ones spending every minute at its best while the others are runing out of time with out noticing what is the point of being and living at time .  Time is catching up with you, and me….everyone.  While it lasts, should we stop doing what we do right now and think for a moment of what really is that you are looking for. Then spending the TIME you have left to make it happen.  For the goodness, I am asking you now and please be true to yourself answering my questions to yourself…  

-Have you smile for others and yourself today? please do because it is a good beginning of your day.

– Have you done something special to your love one at home before or after your work day today? if not yet done…please do because it will stay in their heart forever.

-Do you think positively on thing you do today? if not yet…please do because it will make the rest of your day fun . 

-Please learn how to give out more than take in because it makes you feel great.

-Please let everyone you care for know that you love them….I like to tell them personally, my parents did to me when I was a kid almost everyday. It made me who I am today. You just don’t know for sure of when you will see them again. So please do when you have a chance.

-Please spend your 100 years life time being true and simple…..because life is simple.

      I love these images of people whom I met along my traveling. I creat them for me and to share them with you. I call it “A Happy Life” set. They are simple and straighforward images. These people inspire me to live life the way I believe and the way I am.

              Thank you for my models for your kindness of allowing me to make your photograph.

              Thank you to you to spend your precious time reading this, hope my point offers you an another way of thinking. 

              Thank you to everyone who came across into my life. You gave me such  wonderful memories.

       ” A Happy life ”

     Komkrit Thusanapnont

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October 8th, 2008 at 11:58 am

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Special thank to Chef Linda and chef Martin of Hachi restaurant.

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Linhof 6x17 SIII 72mm 17 mins f 22 Kodak 100vs
Linhof 6×17 SIII 72mm 17 mins f 22 Kodak 100vs 75″x 24″ mounted on an aluminum
KB Canham 4x5/5x7 woodfield camera 135 mm Fuji Velvia 50 3min at f 32 PL warming filter

KB Canham 4x5/5x7 woodfield camera 135 mm Fuji Velvia 50 3min at f 32 PL warming filter

I would like to say thank you for your supper SUPPORTING on my work.  I am greatful and appreciated both of your kindness to  selecting 2 of my images to display at your home.  I am so new on this area, business, I have to apologize to you for your inconvenience.  Most importantly, I will work hard to make sure that what you have invested will worth a life time.

       HACHI…is a fine dining modern Japanese restaurant here at Red Rock casino, Las Vegas. If you have time please come by to check us up. There are awesome food here. I also work here too. You can also visit us at www.ilovehachi.com if you have a little more time please stop by at a video link so you will see what we do here at Hachi.

      All the best.

  Komkrit Thusanapanont.

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October 6th, 2008 at 6:57 am

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