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Brendon Foster, Seatle.

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         Yesterday morning I watched a news. The news which stoped my heart. I was crying 3 times and I had thought all day about what happen. Why it happen? Why it happen to someone great as a little boy as Brendon Foster, 11, from Seatle.  

  He was just a little boy, but to me his heart was more than all I can explain. I can turely say that he lived his life worth living every moments he had. He inspire me to live my life better. Today I promise myself that I am going to live better.  All my heart I always have dream of what he did to people, ” GIVING “. Eventhough, the world seems not to be fair to people. Someone like Brendon must live longer. To be able to do some more goodness as what he did in his time.  Too many people today don’t even know what is the point to live, and they are just everywhere.

           Brendon was a boy which if I could I would love to donate half of my life for. I wish he lived longer.

   Why this always happens to good peole?

           Brendon Foster… you will always be in my heart.

            Komkrit T.

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November 26th, 2008 at 11:15 am

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My first storm 2008.

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I feel that this year will be colder than last. A storm came early, and I went up to Utah to see it. Back in Oct 10,11 2008. I went Utah for a fall color. I found many interesting locations to photograph aspen trees inclouding  a new area which I drove pass it all the time. On the 9th it was sunny and warm I was able to ware just a shirt. It was a while since I hadn’t gone out because of the gas price. Around this time of year, the end of Sep and early of Oct, aspen trees in Utah begin to change its color from green to yellow. Then yellow and red. Last is green , yellow and red. I like the mix between yellow, green and red( it happen in a rear group ). It is really short time and I have to catch it on time because when it happen, it would last only 2 or 3 days. If there is a rain or a strong wind happen during that time, those leaves will be taking away. I wait the hold year for just a week long best color. I was lucky once so far to catch up on a right day 4 years ago. I mean if you want to photograph best fall color, you would have to be in the area since it starts changing. It would be about 2 weeks long for its best color. I don’t have that kind of time yet so I did what I can best.

      Oct 10 2008 I left Las Vegas at 3 am. I got up on a mountain in Utah almost 7 am. It was around 50’f and it was a nice sunny day. I went to many of my old spots which I used to make some images. It never be the same because of light and weather. I just wanted to see and think of what I had thought about the place on my last visit. It is kind of a mind study for me. I photographed a little bit of aspen trees here and there. Then I camp in my car, warmest place at the time. I really enjoy sleeping in my car. I have a my sleeping gears, food, and water which was really conviniene.  After all day photographing and driving, so far 2 days I haven’t slept yet, I was super tired. I put myself into a sleeping bag and dream of a stormy day tomorrow. I knew the coming storm by a weather report before I head up this way…INTO A STORM….yes…it is crazy I know, but I love it.

     Oct 11 2008…

       I woke up time to time because I went to sleep to early. I saw a clear sky at about 12 am, and I felt to myself that maybe it was not going to happen. So I slept some more and around 4 am I woke up because of the wind sound. There were snow went through a slide opening of my car window. Lots of snow!!! amazing. It was a stormy day and it was beautiful. I worked hard to try to capture those moments because I knew that it was not usually happen. I believed that I have made one which is for me a perfect moment to be there at the right time. If I made it right, this image will be meant a lot to me. It was shot with my 8×10 camera and a 240mm lens. I will be sending my film out for developing. Soon we will see that I mean…it was one more of my life story.

     ” the more stormy is the better day for my photography ”   

        Happy Holidays everyone.

            Komkrit T.

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November 24th, 2008 at 10:54 am

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6 days, 2,700 miles with an open road…

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 I took off from work for total of 6 days. I began my trip by going up to Utah on Monday Nov 3. It was my birthday and this year the gift was by far most exciting ever happen to me. My Master photographer and friend of a Studio J , Eric Jamison, photographed me for the H&D, Home&Desing Las Vegas magazine which will be publish next issue in Zion Utah. Can you imagine that!!! Me in Zion… normally I would be taking picture  of something, but this time I was photographed. That was so cool and good experince to get to know of how it felt like to be photographed. It wasn’t easy now I know haha. No wonder why those models get pay so good. Well, I rather be a photographer for now and probably forever…

      We set up for the evening shot. It was done well and I saw the pre image already. It was awesome. I can’t wait to see it in printed. We had dinner together then Keith and Eric left back to Vegas, and I was staying over one more night to photograph a sunrise. It was really beautiful one that morning, and COLD… I wasn’t lonely at all because there were more than 30 photographers lined up for that morning which is usual for fall season in Zion. It was like who gets there first get a good spot.  I was the 2nd to get there so my spot wasn’t bad. I left Zion soon after I got done sunrise to get back to Vegas and pick up my photos which was going to be droped of in Monterey, California. I got back to Vegas and reloaded my car then I headed south to Monterey. I didn’t push to be in Monterey as fast so I got there at 8 am of next day. I had a really nice brakefast with Mr David Alcala, the owner of Sand to Glass, a Loft Gallery & Studio. I am now represented by him in Monterey. If some of you happen to visit Monterey, please stop by to see my work if you have time. It is just right on A Cannery Row, and close to the Aqualium.

       I headed up norht after that. I had a great ride on a Highway 1 California. I believe this is most relexing routh for me. Time seemed to stay still on me while I was out on the OPEN ROAD as driving through a farm land on my right hand, and the Pacific ocean to the left. It is much better than I am trying to explain to you. You must try it yourself then you will see what I mean. The rain wasn’t giving up on me. It kept me company all the ride and all night. I got to Point Arena where the Bowling Ball Beach is resting 3 miles south of the town. I was late for the evening which I planed to be there for a low tide… what was a day for me. I believe in something different from most people do. I know that I missed my plan, but I know that as well that there will be something else. It is always something else which I came home with, and it make me learn something new each time it happen. I told myself that I am having fun. The weather was nice, lot of rain which I like, and I am gonna have a good time. I did manged to make some images of the Boling Ball Beach in a next morning at around 11 am, low tide. Perfect!!! How do I do to make the water motion to be blur? Hahaha as I said earlier that there is always something else….and it was just about to happen!!!

     What I did was I dug in my camera bags, and pull out all of my filters, Red R25, Gold and Blue PL from singray, 8x nd, and 4x nd. Total I cut the light by 8 stops. Cool ha? I have not try anything like this before!!! I am breaking all the rules of photography which is to me………was   AWSOME…. I shot that with my 4×5 T-max 100 with a 90 mm. I also shot that with my Hasseldlad on both 80mm and 50mm. It is kind of different from what I had done shooting at 11am with the exposure of 8 seconds f22 !!!! well I did and I can’t wait to see how it look. I will share them with you soon after I finish.

       The tide rised up again and it was time to say good bye to the Bowling beach. I went in town and bought my lunch at a small bakery store, Franny’s Cub & Saucer. Lots of sweet I bought, and I also bought some pizza, a home made all I can tell you is it was so good and so different. They made pretty good money for being in such a small town like that. With in 15 mins and 3 customers inclouding me they would made almost $100, and that place always fill up with local and tourise….Imagine that they left Sanfran to be here moren than 11 years!!! Only mom and daugther working in a small store and make more than $1,000 a day easily!!!! This would prove to my idea of how to live life. They make same and more in income than living in a city. I continuted drive up north with a beautiful view on both side along the ride. What else I can ask for more to be any happier than that?  The sun began to set as I went through the area of Fort Bragg and Mendocino. They are really nice size anf friendly town. I stop to see some photo galleries to kind of seeing what they do. I learned something again that’s why I always share my idea with everyone of how to get yourself outside to live, to learn, and to share your experince to others. That’s a wonderful thing to do.

      I push myself to drive through a last part of the Highway 1 which is called DRIVING THROUGH A FOREST. They don’t call that for no reason!! It was already dark, raining hard…., and I was lucky enough to have a road which filled up with a THICK FOG ahead of we…what a ride!!! There were countless short turns, and I can only drive about 25-35 mile/hour on that 30 miles long road before I hopped on a real Highway 101 north. It took me forever, but I believe in a day time would be a nice drive. As soon as I tuened on the 101 I can speed up to 65m/h. There I have about 80 more miles to get myself to Eureka. It was an easy drive 3 lanes so in an hour and a little bit I was at Eureka. It was 8 pm and by knowing that there would be much more of rain up in Redwood area so I stayed over at Motel 6, this one is not very good. I am sorry to say that because I am usually a fan of the Motel 6, but this one is just terible. 

      I got up early and left Eureka to Crecent city. It was an 80 miles north going through those tall trees, Redwood. it was really nice on the road. There wasn’t much of trafic as in Vegas or any other bigger cities. The sun was up and that was a beautiful one. The orange glow of first light of the day bathed everywhere. I kept driving while my old memories of many things incloulding the last visit of this place flooded in my head. There are good time, bad time, happy, and sad all together. I am glad to feel that because I know I am being, I am still alive, and I am an ordinary man who have lots of dreams. I stoped at some old spots I uset to make a photograph of. Things are never be the same that what I had learned. Everything in this world grow and change. Nothing can be the same and last forever that is the truth. I passed a beach then walked into the wood where I made my images, Among a Tall Trees, and The Road Home. It was so different look because of lighting situation and weather, but I was happy to see it again. I felt good as if I revisit my old friends. BY the way, the rain  did gave up on me for that morning till evening.  The radio said that there would be a big rain strom coming in that night till next day. It was a Friday Nov 7 and it was a nice day out. I went out from a forest and headed out to town for a Thai restaurant for a big LUNCH in Crecent city. I was on the road for many days so far so I liked to have a good food. The restaurant was not any fancy one, but the food was great. I had been there before on my last vist in June 07. There was a thai older man,68 server I met last year and I met him again. I like to see how happy he was to be able to speak thai to someone. He is the only Thai person in town and that is little difficult to be only one of the kind because there are times that we might to comunicate with someone who is same as ourseves. I felt that he might be loney for little. I knew how it feels like because once I had it for myself while I lived in Canada at first 5 months. That was for the first time in a different country. I was the only Thai in town. Believe me that it will make a big different on you if you had that kind of experince for yourself. We chat for a while I he told me that next year sometime he will retired and will go back to live in Thailand. He lives in US for more than 20 years and has no family. He made money and sent back some of that income to his sister for taking care of his mom. Now his mom alrea passed on so for him there is no point to stay here longer. He told me that. 

          I drove around then I stoped at a Crecent city light house, this is famous place. I watched people and I walked on a pire out into the ocean. The air was so clean there, and the weather was just right, 50’f.  I hoped around looking for a spot for a sunset. I remember that that day was the only day with out rain, nice. Please imagine of a day after storm. It was kind of like that. I did my sunset with my 8×10 camera. Then I went back to the restaurant for dinner. It was pack!!!!! at 6:30pm. They close at 8 pm!!!! You see now how small the town is. After 8pm it is all close. Well, it was a great dinner. So far I was supper tired from not much of sleep and driving. I was planing to head back down that night, but I would be smarter to stay over night in town then leaving in the morning. I stayed at an Econolodge motel on Highway 101. This was really nice motel worth staying over if some of you ever pass through the area. I recormmend to you. the rate,$49, is cheaper than many other places. The breakfast was great by mean of there were lot of choice. Well, it was good.

       I went to photograph early morning at the Light house for the first light. It was little rain, but the light was what I want, cloudy. I made a long exposure for my slide film kodak 100vs. I would get a blue tone on my film. Then there were people was trapping crab at the pier. I walked over and photographed everything I saw which was catching my eyes. I photographed light ploe, birds, people. I made an image of two kids holding their catch, crab. They ask me while I was walking over…” Mister would like to take us picture? I replied.. Sure, why not ” I actually meant to ask them for a photo anyway. Sometime you are just lucky. I am I got a good photo out of that and I am waiting patiently to develop my film to see that. It is one more in my ” A HAPPY  LIFE’s collection “.

      Saturday Nov 8, I head out Crecent city as soon as I finished everything because I have 900 miles, a 14 hours drive, to go through to get myself back to Vegas before my working schedule  at 2:30 pm on Sunday. I went through Highway 101 all the way till San fransisco. It was an amazing drive because all the trees were in peak of fall color. It was raining, foggy, and it was supper beautiful. I will go back this area next year for sure. What I did for those hours was driving and driving…. I got myself back in town about almost noon. Then I unpack my camera, need to be dried, and unload my car. Then I went to work….. what a life.

          Thank you for my all models for allowing me to make their photos. You were kind. Thank you for the land for being a place for me to explore. Thank to you all to read till this far… I can’t wait to do it again.

      Everyday now while I am at work and working…..I was thinking ……why I am here now?

       Have a beautiful day.


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November 12th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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Zion in fall 2008

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   Fall in Zion, Utah it has been a joy for many years now for me to spend sometime there. Most of trees are in yellow from cottonwood and red from maple tree.  The nice things about being in Zion this time is you can drive your car into the park. This is my favorite because I have all my cameras along with me so if I have to take a park’s bus I only can only take a few things with me. If it rain hard enough, there would be some waterfalls shoot out from the canyon walls. Pretty cool actually. I saw it twice so far that there was water shoot out from everywhere. The weather was 72’f day time and around 60’f at night. This year is kind of little dry from my feeling, but today and tomorrow there is rain. That’s awesome. I will be going back just for a day on my birthday Monday the 3rd. I want to see the rain within the park so maybe I would have a chance to photography some new images.

      There are so many photographers everywhere you go during this time. At once I had to wake up at 4am and set up my cameras at my favorite spot, behind a museum, at sunrise before 4:30 am. Then I am able to pick my spot otherwise I would have no chance.    

      These are shot from my friends from that day…please enjoy



        This was a first time in my life using a pinhole camera. Thank you for David Oliver, my firend, who allowed me to use his 4×5 pinhole. I am exciting to see those images from it

   Have a nice day.

   Komkrit T.

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November 2nd, 2008 at 12:03 pm

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