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” Seeing My Adopted Land ” the exhibition.

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      Hi all, Hope you are all well. I haven’t not been here for a while because I have been tight up with life, new ideas, and the making of my new idea. There are lots to do on my list ,and I wish to get to do more on that part, the making part. Of course it is always a dream for artists to do what we love, and to love what we do.  I wish I can have 32 hours a day for now. Lately, I have been up almost 24 hours at a time. Mostly thinking and doing things about photography. I read and study a lot, and beside that I went out to search for my image of my idea. It has been something new, the procese, to me of how I want this idea to be done this way. I give this project more time to be completed, and at the same time I am also learning from the works which I already created. This way I believe that I leave my ending open to what I will be given from my future moments. It is exciting to watch and see how the work take me, and how the work goes on its direction. I like the combination of this very much.  I am now only at the beginning of my goal so please be patient with me.

      There are about 8 days left for my current exhibition at the Spring Preserve. The last day will be on Ausust 2nd. So here I am wanting to give over view of this project. I had been working on an open idea and now it was developed in to this body of work which I call ” Light Land and Love ” . It was partly exhibit for the first time on June 6th 2008. This is the second exhibit of this project which is from April 11- Ausust 2 2009. I like this exhibit so much because it open itself to winder view to many people. I also have more viewers came to visit because of  this space is belong to the Springs Preserve. For us who live in Las Vegas, the Spring is like a museum, playground, and a park. So to me, I am as a part of Las Vegas, I am so glad that I am able to do something in return to the community. I am proud to be at least a small part of this community to make Las Vegas to be at least known that  we are not only drinking and gambling only town. I continute to hope that we will bring this side of our town up to be more known as the one which we all already know it as a SIN CITY.

    I would like to thank you everyone who has visited the exhibit both by at the spring and on the website. I am truely appreciated your time on the work. Also I am wishing that it will remain, and remind you of a wonderful land we live on. We are all able to help even if it is just a little. This land will continute to live on for next generation.

    I would like to thank you to Jay Nichols, Mike Spiewak, Sarah Nucci, Eric Jamison, and many wonderful people at the Springs Preserve who had helped to create this event. Thank you so much for everything because without all of your help this show would not have been done. I am truely appreciated this.

    Here is some images of the gallery space.

  Here are images of the hanging day. There was lot of fun.






   And there is a video.



     Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.

  Komkrit T.

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July 24th, 2009 at 8:29 am

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