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Once More a Miracle Spring.

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     Hi everyone.

    Here again for April that I am a bit late on writing about my life through photos. Well, it has been a productive spring this year. We all have been offered with a great show of flowers. It is almost as close to the year of 2005, but it is not 2005. However, I have been photographed them at Death Valley np, Antelope Valley area, and on the way to Tucson, AZ for my Tucson 2010 Internaional Association Panoramic Photographers conference which was between April 14-18 2010 at a Hilton hotel in Tucson.

       The flowers were awesome everywhere, and I hope that I did it right when I photographed them. So then I will share with you later on here.  I went on my trip on the 10 and back home 2 days ago with over 2,000 miles only around Arizona!!! I had a great time.

        At the conference, I have learned many more things. I also have met with people which I was only knew by names. It was a great plesure to meet all of you. The things I have gained from listenning and learning from those masters are the best life experince which I might take my whole life to learn it by myself. Thank you to your kindness for sharing your thought with me. It has been much appreciated by me.

       I shot 20 rolls of color films in past 10 days and I have 3 rolls of black and white which I already develop and there 2 images I wish to share with you here. It was taken while I was on the way coming home.  Hope you enjoy them.


Both images were photographed by A Linhof 6x17SIII panoramic camera with a 90mm lens and Kodak T-max100 film. So now I am exciting about my color work!!!

      Lastly, I would like to say thank you to you to make my trip special more than ever. It would not be done without you.


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April 22nd, 2010 at 8:21 am

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