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A Development of The ” Only Vegas ” Project.

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    Hi everyone,

          Summer is finally here. I usually have a question to myself about how have I managed to live here in Las Vegas over 9 years with the heat of summer. So I am here again at an usual time to ask the same question almost everyday during summer months. It is now about 104-108’f outside during the day. How can I express the feeling of when I was out doing my project to you in order to make you feel as I felt?  Anyway, I don’t think that it is fun. However, I manage myself to go through the summer months alright so far. With a lot of water, short, and T-shirt, I believe we will do good. One thing I like about summer is that the sun sets about 8pm. By the time I don’t have to deal with trafic, and parking space. Also, people seem to enjoy evening outside their houses better than other seasons. That means I will have more opportunities to photograph them in action!!! Eventhough, I don’t photograph too much of people. However,  there seem to be some kind of activities that people do during the summer which I interest in very much. 

         I seem to be quite open mind when I go out to look for my image, and I think that it is important to keep my mind that way. That is a fun of it too. Someday, I come across something very exciting, and someday it was dry and I could not see anything.

       I might call this event during this time of my life as a ” an explorer with out a map ” period.

         This has been considered a new way of doing thing by myself. Therefore, I am not so sure of which direction it is going to go. As I mention time to time to people I know and to myself about doing what our minds tell us to do is at least a good start. It has been now the 2nd year of doing that, and it has been great so far. However, there are times that I am in doubt too. During lastnight of July 4th BBQ over at my photographer friend’s, Javier www.javiersanchezmex.com, house, we were talking about what is up with both of our works. One thing he said and it has pull me up from drowning with in my own thought. He said ” An artwork is no needed the explanation by the artist, but the artwork must be an extended part of who the artist is. ” All the doubt now disappeared from me since last night conversation. He said to me that I think too much. He is absolutely right. Being an artist sometime we do need a good friend who is able to mirror who we are back to show us. To remind us of what we were at the starting point because as days has gone by, we might got lost, and seeing unclear of where we are going. Thank you Javier.

         These are part of development images  would like to share with you…






             Thank you everyone for spending sometime here. It’s 5pm. It is almost time to get ready to put cameras in a car and, taking off from a house to look for images of Vegas. If you live here, you might be able to see a man with a big backpack on his back, a tripod on one hand and a big bottle of water, beer would be good haha kidding, on the another walking around by your house. Please don’t be panic. He just wants to make pictures…

          Take care and see ya next month.


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