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Oct 10, 2010.

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              This is a very nice sunday and it is also a 10/10/10!! I am actually not believe into this kind of stuff much. However, it is for me now that I start to count a new decade of my photography. I am sitting and thinking in my head of what I will make in next 10 years. How would my photography change? What tool will be used since we are at transition between digital and analogue. I will for sure to look for ways to continute to work with film if it’s still avilable then. It’s just the way I work and how I love the feeling of when I look at images which made by film. It is really personal taste and I am not in everyway against the digital technology. I even will look for ways to use digital to produce the result which will be as close as the way film looked in the future when the film somehow really go away. We will have to see.

         This year has been a very good year for fall color. It’s last very long, and longer than what I have expected. It is because of we have had some kind of strange weather since the beginning of the year. So I have been lucky enough to be out and make some new images of nature. Last week, I was hit by a snow storm which brought about 15 inches of snow to top of Utah mountain. Also I heard that it did to the whole western. Yosemite had to close the road from Mono lake to Yosemite, highways 120 Tioga pass, last week because the same snow storm that hit me in Utah. It was between 30-35’f and windy during the time I was among the aspen forest. I phtographed the trees under the foggy condition. Eventhough, it was wet, cool, and top of that I have been sick for 2 weeks, I had a great time. While I was standing there, I was photographing and thinking that the view like that should be seen by many people. So that everyone will have the feeling to preserve and protect the nature world. At least I am doing my part eventhough it is a very small part compare to how many people in the world, but at least I am doing it. It has gotten to start somewhere. Well, the result should be interesting, and that we will have to wait and see when the films get to sent out for procesing.




      That was a great weeks with the colors. I hope you enjoy them. Now the color is gone and move down to lower elevation. I plan to visit Zion nation part in weeks. I would be hiking down to the Subway in Zion just because I have not been there for a while, a few years. Also somehow my feeling keeps telling me to go there so it is a plan now. At the end of this month my students and I will be in Zion for fall color too. It will be a field trip which I will be sharing the thought about how to make images and learning about what and where to look fo rthe LIGHT. So the images below are ones I made years ago, and I would like to share with you about where I am about to be at…



     Well, it’s 2:40pm now. I’ve got to go to get ready for work!!! It is a reality…no matter how good the dream is sooner or later we have got to wake up, right? Yeah!!! I am fighting for a balance to live and do something good  to share with you all. Hope it will work for a while….umm… got to go now bye bye.

      The light is great and the weather is awesome… why you are still in a house? Let’s go to see colors.

    Happy Fall everyone.


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October 10th, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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