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Good bye fall 2010.

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Hi everyone,

Back again for Nov. I know it is a little late, and I am sorry for that. Most of time during these fall months I always have been tight up on time because of a full time job, a part time job, and my personal job. Talking about sleeping I am still far behind from what I suppose to have. Well, I have no complain for the life I choose, but I feel bad for people around me because I always keep they waiting for me all the time.

Well, it has been a really wonderful fall color this year. So far from my notes and from many people talking about, this fall have been waited from a lot of photographers like myself for over 6 years. The colors and the lasting of time which leaves staying on trees was amazingly awesome. I’ve start to work since September and this coming week might be my last week for going up to Utah. It is almost 2 and a half months long which is rare for fall color around here.

I know for sure that there were a lot of photographers from far away were disappointed by the timing. As I mention on my blog a while back about the weather event El Nino which is end at this fall. The weather has been push off it timing almost 2 weeks. By time that most visited by the photographers, leaves were still green and weather was still warm!!! This is what I always mention to friends and my students that nature is amazing and unpredictable. The only way to be sure is going to there and check it up often. That what I do. It is ok to be early, but it would be sad if I am late for it. Lots, of people I know would say that it is costly both time and money. ” Who would have all the time to go out and wait? ” is a sentence which I most heard. Here is a thing which make the different between people who live by making choice and people who live by choice which they depend on. Life is not fair and we all know this. That’s why there are not many great photographers out there. Something great doesn’t come easy!!! Even sometime, someone would have to spend a whole life to find out about it. It is a believe which not everyone see it as important, but believe is the only thing which bring a person cross a cold river, cross mountains, spending all the saving money and etc to find out the dream. At least from that, it gives that person peace at the end. Maybe he or she will makes it, and maybe he or she could not makes it. Then on all the questions will be answered, and that will bring peace to the person.

“Nothing will be better than being old with a full cup”.

That’s who I want to be. Along my time here in US I have met a lot of people as friends. One of them gave me a very good lesson ” do what makes you happy “. I have thought of it often, and it gives me ways out of a normal life style. I am start to realize myself now that I am not really a normal person. I have been told many times before, but I didn’t believe that. I also see now that in order to make a big different in what you do, we have gotten to be crazy about it night and day. Then something great might happen. What I am trying to tell myself to do almost all the time now is ” trying to push my own limitation “. I said before that we, human, have no limit. I really believe in that. We can do almost everything that we put our minds into.

From this fall, I have seen myself change once again. The way I look for images was different. Also the way I work with myself too. I am not much of relying on tools as I used to be, but instead I am relying on LIGHT and VIEW before me. I am trying to capture the true sense of it. Somehow, I grow up in a way of seeing an image. I see it better and more comfortable. Today, it is not a big thing which gets me, but a little thing is. However, I am not perfect, and I don’t think that I will be perfect till even it is my last day picking up a camera. Perfection makes everything stop growing. Perfection makes me blind. I am learning and have been learning as everyone else. There are a lots more to do and learn, and I see myself just at the beginning of it.

I’d to thank to nature that once again teaching me a big lesson. It makes me feel as I come closer to it, and maybe one day I will find my answer about what I am doing this for beside LOVE.

Here are images of where I went, and I’d to share with you.

Winter is finally here as writing this the wind is going crazy here out side my house… it’s winter!!! Also 40 more days will be a new year again. Where does time go? Please enjoy the holidays everyone, good for us, but bad for the turkeies!!!!

Happy Thanks Giving everyone.

Komkrit T.

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November 21st, 2010 at 10:40 pm

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