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A rain in the desert.

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The idea pop up while I was taking a shower this morning about what to write for this month. Then now I am sitting here and I have been trying to think of what it was in my head then. Never remember!! Anyways, lately there are many more things I have been thinking about on my everyday life. Most of them are about photography, and how do I do to make it going along with a rhythm of my life at the moment.

This coming April will be my 10th years living in US, but somehow I always feel, empty, same as if I am here on the day one. It just keeps restarting itself from the same point I was last. It has been like that many times over. It does not make me feel good. Somehow I think the place where I live, Las Vegas, makes me feel this way. Nothing is for sure for now, and still wondering that if I move aways from here, and are things going to be better.

I have been thinking more about how to make picture, but it has been less on the making part than it was.I know that whenever I get out the house with my camera, and when I set it up for picture, that is the best time of my life.I feel as if I leave everything else behind. It takes me to where I feel happiest, and everything else doesn’t seem to matter at all. That is probably the only thing which keep me believe in what I do. This maybe sound drama, but it is the truth. It’s as if ” a rain in the desert “. Yes, I am in it almost 10 years now. It is very tired, and often time when I am ready to give it all up, there is it….. Rain.

I spent my last month with work and a little bit on my ” Only vegas ” project. Most of time, I do my project on my day offs, and sometime in between the week. Lately, it has been about driving around looking for what I feel that I am looking for. It is a lot like soaking in it, and let it’s filtered through you.

Here we are at what I’ve been wanting to write about back to when I was in the shower this morning. There is no a bad day, the day that we don’t see anything, because it is a part of the process!! All of what we do must be done through the process of ” Visual filter “.

In order to do better, we must get through it. It is a must.


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January 26th, 2011 at 2:38 am

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