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It’s time to go home.

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     Yesterday the news said that we would get some snow at about 2000-2500 elevation. It sure did up on the air at night. The lights over the strip painted the snow cloud with many colors. It was very cool, and cold. We got to see that only on the air because Las vegas valley is lower than 2000 elevation. This storm system came from the north. It also brought some snow to San francisco which the last snow there was 35 years ago!!! There it is a spring sign here in the desert. Lots of flowers are blooming right now in the valley. It may be a bit early for spring, but it seems to pass by very quick too.

      Since my last post was about trying to get a way from Las vegas for a while so I’ve decided to go back to visit home, Thailand, at the end of March. My parents have gotten a bit older so I would like to spend some time with them. I have not had many plans beside feeling that I should spend most of the stay at home with my mom and dad. So I came up with the idea that I am gonna do photograph of my parents for my major project, and it is just for me. I actually will stop and get around Bangkok for a bit to visit where I grew up. I had spent 15 years living in Bangkok before I came to US. It is a really tough city for trafic!!! However, this trip I will manage myself to walk and using the sky train for the most part. There are a lot of new sites which I did not get to see while I am away. Some of them were hit by the economic crisis, it happened to Asia in 1997. There are some unfinish construction buildings which I’d like to see and photograph. Also BKK is like many other older big cities which were not design to support the growth of both size and populations. Therefore, there are some area within the city which are old and untouched, and at the same time there are tall bulidings pop up right in the middle of those comunities. We, I believe, are in between of the transition. I am fascinated by where the 2 worlds meet, and I know that there are stories to be seen and told. That is what will get me put myself to work. 

   I do realized that I am not the first who photograph ( the one I like is PeterBialobrzeski  http://lagallery-frankfurt.de/bialobrzeski5.html this kind of work, but I am sure that I will be the first for whose grew up  there and left for a long time and back to see home again. The structure might be similar, but the deep felt sense, view, perspective, approching could be diffferent. That we will have to wait and see. I am not really sure about what it is for now. I will just let myself free and photograph what really stops me to look at, and feel something towards it. Hope that I can come back to US with some small body of works which recording a time-line of my photography.

    Some of you might have noticed the change of my work. I start my photography out as a lamdscape photogrpher, but now I am all over the place. At the moment, I mostly now do conceptual works, and I like to not to limite myself to one type of photogrphy any more. My everyday is like going for a walk with my camera, and be aware of sense (my feeling), light, place and time. I used to only think that I should photograph something that show a perfect combination of light, moment, technic. Also my expectation was too high about a too perfect photo!!! It is bored now to my feeling because it missed its lifeness. I would like to try to make my photography as a life music, and stay away from a perfection by not trying to make a CD. The rare random moment feeds my hunger. When I did it about right, the result runs as deep as my imagination.

    Tools: I still could not yet decide which camera I will bring with this trip. I original had my mind for the 8×10, but with the weight and cost to fly it with me would be so high. I also don’t have enough film for it. So my 2nd thought would be my 5×7/4×5 with a 6×17 roll film back. This set will be most useful one, but it is a lot of pieces. Last one, the simpliest one which is same as the one I took on the trip back home in 06, the light 4×5, 72,90,120,210mm lenses and a Linhof 6×17 with a 90mm. I am not sure. 

     AS we are here reading and writing now, a lot of people have changed over from film to digital. Sooner or later at the day that no film is longer made, I too will be forced to change. How could I convince myself to believe that a pixel looks like a film grain!!!! It is not and it will never be the same. Mr. Nadav Kander ( I do really appreciate his work ) http://www.nadavkander.com/nadav_kander_small_screen.html once had a conversation with a chinese man on a plain from China back to London. The man was upset and he asked to Mr. Kander that…       ” why do we have to destroy in order to progress!!! ”  Chinese man : you can go everywhere and then you can go home to your birth place, and it is the same. I, the chinese man, can’t go back. It is not the same and it will never be the same. To me, the world today is fill with most people who can’t wait to see tomorrow, but they forgot how happy they were yesterday!!! There is something about film that said what a beauty really is, and not many of us are gifted to able see that. Bless you who have seen it.


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