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Hello from Thailand.

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   Muak Lek, Thailand.

      Hi everyone, it has been over a month that I am here in Thailand. I have spent this long to able to adjust myself to get used to the weather and food.  Right now is a raining season in Thailand so I have to deal with hot, humid. and rain… I guess you know what is like. Well, it is not all that bad. I took shower 5 time/ day that’s all haha. I spent most of the first month getting around visitting to many places I have been, and to meet up with some people I know. I also look for location to photograph. I found some pretty exciting ( for me ) and I soon will bring my cameras to BKK for working on those. 

    Once you are in BKK you would understand what it like to get stuck between a trafic jam!!! I think this is what never changed since I left here almost 11 years ago. It is SAME. However, this trip I am lucky coz my little brother has 2 motorcycles and I am allow to use one of them. So please picture this, a big f/64 backpack which has a tripod tight around it on my back. I also have a Lowpro mini tarker for my 6×17 stuff in my front, and I ride my motorcycle around BKK for my photo!!! I have not yet done it, but it is a plan. That is the only way to get around which I am sure that I will not miss much of what I want to photograph.


     There are a few things I see and want to try. When I am in BKK I look for shooting city, building, people, and everything which get my attention. When I am outside BKK, I have been shooting something that share the idea of cultural changed. I also want to shot something simple pretty too. So I actually open for everything. I also make photos of my parents with my 5×7 camera on a black and white film. I want to do it for myself.


    Anyway, when I have some free time I have been visiting many galleries and museums around BKK. I am so glad to see that photo comunities in Thailand have grown biger. One of reason is a digital technology. There are also restpected photographers here which I like to meet if I can, wich means that they allow me to meet them 🙂

     I will not have anything officially perfect to look till my film get develop long time later. Therefore, whatever I have for share here are only images from my cell. I wish you guy would not mind that…

    All of this has kept me busy enough for many months, 4 more left, before I go back to US. I will keep up date things here to share with you as much as I can.

     Wish you all the best.


p.s It is a ” hi ” from Haom, the dog…

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