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It is raining outside my window.

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    18:30pm In BKK.

         Hi, everyone. I am now stuck at home due to the rain today. It has rain twice this evening in my area, and it killed my plan of getting out for photo tonight. I have spent a lot of time in BKK this past two weeks, mostly I spent time looking for places, making notes, and set time for trying to go after those places.

         It’s already been 2 months of me here in Thailand. Very fast, too fast actually. However, I have done much more things and seeing my own country in a very different way than I was years ago. That is what I want to do ” to be able to look and see deeper into the familiar world “.

         This trip my main cameras are 35mm cameras. They are with me everywhere. I have been working on my subjects and myself, and they have brought me back to what got me making pictures at the first place almost 20 years ago. The moments, the exciment, the wonder make my experience, and it is good for a change. I am not saying that large format is not good here. As I mentioned before a few blogs ago that I want to come back to my home for the experience. With large format I feel that I am at work. On the other hand with 35mm point and shot cameras, I feel that I am with the scene. I feel that I am part of it too. Also people would not pay attention to me too much while I am working which is great. I want to experience them as they are. Also why do I pick point and shot cameras? It is because I get to feel the sense that I can not control it at all. What I get from them are the pure moments, and it is not about perfect exposure, perfect focus. It is raw as it can be. I love that quality very much. Till now I am not even sure that I have something back home with me in US. I hope I do have something. I guess we would have to wait and see on that part in a long future.

     Still, I do take my large format to make picture of places that the perfect exposure, perfect focus, and some creative moments are my point of the images. So it is like I have to ask myself everyday before planing what to do with the day. However, the rain is something that I can not plan for, but it is now playing a big deal for me at work. No matter how good the camera is, it is still lose to the rain. I am talking about a very very big rain here… well, it is raining season now in Thailand…

     BTW, foods are A M A Z I N G!!! Welcome to Bangkok… the city that never stop eating!!!









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