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It is as dark as a thunder cloud.

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        It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in Bangkok. There are lots of cloud on the sky implying that soon there would be rain. Nothing unusual for this rainy season. Yesterday, I spend my evening walking with my camera in the city. I made a few images along my way. Bangkok is a big city like many big ones around the world, but to live in this city is really difficult. I admire BKK people a lot more than before. Actually, I never see it this way before coz I was one of them. Now, Lots of people I met and share experinces with me during this 3 months. They show me of ways to look deeper into Bangkok and Thailand which I have never thought of.





        Most people work 6 days per week, and from 9am to 6pm. Then stay on the bus ride home till 9:30 or 10pm. It depends on the distance and how bad the trafic. It is like this EVERYDAY. They are very patient. It is not that they WANT this way. They just have this way. Now we are based on the new minimum wage which is going to or has been done by the new goverment of 300 Bath/ day ( note: it is now 30 Bath= $1 US ). That come to total of 7,800 Bath which come from WORKING for 6 days/ week and AT LEAST at 10-12 hours/ day. This is a very easy math that you me and everyone else can think it over and then a result is that it is NOT enough to cover the month of all the expenses such as the rent about 2,500-3,500 baths/month for a small apartment in the city. The meals which would cost you at least a 100 baths/day ( based on a regular food ). The transportation fees are about 50 baths/day ( no taxi, tuk-tuk, sky train, and a mortocycle taxi ( yeah!! that’s right a Thailand style ) on a plain bus rides ). Only this as a principal expenses as mention above which not inclouding many other things it is already exceed the income that they earn for that month. Adding up to time that it has been going on like endless that’s why most of a labor class are always poor and never get out of debt. You have gotten to come to experince Thailand for a while to see what I say is from a fact. However, Thai people still mange in the unimaginable ways to LIVE through the day with maybe a little hope that tomorrow something new, something change would come.

       This is where I realize about why Thailand has been developped so slow or maybe almost no develop at all. There are too many limitations within the structure. Unfortunately, The structures of this country are controled by only a handful of banks, private companies, politicians ( the corruption ones ) and a few more of money and power hunger ones. Looking into the detail of the CEO titles…they are the same people!!!!

      Sadly to say that money still has more power than pride and resiponsibilities.

      Once you die… you go with nothing is the fact. Why don’t we leave some good things behind?


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July 30th, 2011 at 6:36 am

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