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Bottom of my Heart… Pray for Thailand.

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”  We will go through this TOGETHER. “

Written by Komkrit

October 30th, 2011 at 8:37 am

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Someone, somewhere…and in the between.

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Las Vegas


Hello everyone, sorry for a long silence. There were too many things going on in past months. Time is too fast and many time I wonder about where, and how it goes. During 5 months I was away from US, the modern world, back to my small world. Thailand is still as same old as thailand I know except that it is going through a change like everywhere else around the world. That’s not a question actually, but what interest me most is about how it is done. For something to be changed this scale, it must has been prepared, studied, and planed for a very long time. This case is not what Thailand is all up to date about for the most part. For most people there, it is like you wake up into a new world in next morning. There the problem is ” CONFUSION “. One side of the mind feels ” umm! thats a great thing I am in a new world like everyone else. Again at an another side ” oh! how do we deal with it? ” The result is what it is happening right now there

” someone, somewhere… and in the between ”

This case study has come to my mind before I left US for a while, but I wasn’t prepare myself for this size of the changed. The past 11 years I have lived here in US. Therefore, things here are up to date with the world speed and every changed that has happen is a minor but steady. I refer it as a season, for myself. Nothing I have to be surprised about on my everyday here. The point is here ” It is not like what is happening here at all in Thailand “. One of my experience was got into a line, very very long one, to buy a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!!!! It cost me almost 700 bath for a dozen of donut. That was a 2 days minimum wage of the income of someone there. You have gotten to see it to believe what I am saying here. I would say the word ” insane ” is too polite to refer to it for my idea. The worse part, to me, was to see fellow Thai people got into the LINES to make a few people to be more richer than they already are. Wait!! I forgot to mention that for someone that don’t have much of money enough to buy it then, but so they save up money till it’s enough to buy the product!! It is just because they get to have it like everyone else… That’s the most craziest thing I have come to experience.

      A cell phone too has become something over kill there. It can be afforded everywhere you can imagine even a 5 year old can have one!!!! My question is why are they going over board on the FEE and a cost of the phone itself and you are not getting to use all of it abilities such as a 3G net work was on hold for years. It is just right before I left Thailand that they opened the net work. The worse part is YOU, COMSUMER WHO SUPPORT THE COMPANY, must PAY for the new net work. While everything now is unlimited in US and I am sure in many other countries, but for Thailand you are auto charged as soon as when you just turn the 3G net work on, when you turn on your WIFI net work, and etc. It is a power of CONTROL, and has anyone there realized whose control it. Why do they want something which they don’t need. Oh!!! it is a fashion!!!! Here, in US, you get a smart phone coz your life lives in it, rely on it, and the system and fee are great. On the other hand, there are some but not much of people who can afford the US way. However, it is less than 15% of a nation population. 

   The idea of ” I must have what is a trend even if I must be sufferd to get it or I can have it, to show it off, with out using its features coz the fee is insane “ must be re-wired in Thailand.  That is too sad for me to see and experience. 

    I am saying here is about that it is good to catch up with the world, but first you have to gotten to get yourself READY in EVERY WAY!! A lot more infomations are needed there, by the responsibility service providers. Don’t take an easy way out and leave it to the consumers to deal with the consequences which are crated mainly by YOU.

   It is broken in most part there and it needs to be fix with the right tools from right people. As myself a Thai too, and one of a world population, I am asking that it is time for everyone becomes one, everyone becomes part of it ( part of the new development, and part of the new world ). It is must be the end of ” I am rich and too bad that you are poor ” coz with out the poor you can’t be rich. So why don’t we try to live together in the between. The world is changing to a new direction and we will see that everyone is smart and independent. Everyone want to be part of everything as a one voice that can be counted and excepted. Soon it will get back to where we began again by doing trading instead of selling. The new world is all about surviving not the saving. Be prepare for it. remember that human is not designed to be alone.

   The image above is from a ride by train from Bangkok to my parents town. It is just little over 2 hours to travel there by a car, but it takes about 4 hours by the train. While I was traveling in Thailand I didn’t want to bother others people too much coz they too have to deal with their lives, even my own parents. So I try to do everything I could to reduce the possibilities of getting help. Picture of me carrying all the equipments arond traveling seems to be fun and advanturous, but in fact it was hard and dangerous. I was carried over $20,000 in cost of equipment around everyday. Therefore, I must find the way to protect it my best, and the train was one of my solution coz the bags were always above my head. I love the train as long as I remember. I love the lives which have to deal with it. I like to watch and observe everything of it especially the people. It has become one of my case study.

     I often ask myself while thinking of it  ” what are they thinking , what is the thing/s they are dealing with, what problem they have or do they have some problems, Are they happy with their lives? What are they thinking of their future to be like?, and many more.” It’s complicated! Well, at least it is only in my head, and maybe I am myself going crazy here… I don’t really care what others think of me, but I am happy to live this way.

     Today, a world of a pretty landscape photography is taken away from me by time( I am not much to be excited about it much anymore ), but it is replacing with a new and personal view to the world. I am glad and exciting to FEEl, work, and live with it, and how I express to the world remains the same by the used of this meduim as known as photography.

         Living life everyone…. living it fullest.


ps. Thank you to everyone in Thailand for allowing to meet and share my time with. It also allow me to get to know myself much better by meeting you. Thank you.

Written by Komkrit

October 2nd, 2011 at 2:18 pm

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