A Journey To 2013.

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Sunday Dec30, 2012. 3:30am.

A lot of things I have experienced lately brought me so many answers to questions that once I did not know the answer nor even noticed that there were questions up in my head. I now realize that sometime it is good to get older even though a lot of you or most of you would disagree with the idea of being old is good. Well, not all of it is good that I totally agree with you. The health is starting to give me some problems such as backache, eye sight start to go, and etc, but it is not all bad.

I now learn to take time, even more than I used to be, to really do something, think of something, and approach to something in ways that I could not think that I can before.

One more day and 2012 will be the past. So many things happen this year….The world did not end 9 days ago. Somehow I still don’t know what was the end of the world prediction based on and where it really came from. However, this time was the second time in my life. Let’s see when will be the next one.

Photography…. umm It is now getting to where I don’t think that I know where it is going, but I still know where is my kind of photography will be…. stay the same. It is like making whisky, the more years is the better. Now as I mention above that I have learned and noticed more about myself. It is not only the look now that would be enough for me…. I need its taste. I like to feel its motion. I want to touch it with not only eyes. I love its story, history, and everything that it makes me feel. Here on, for me, the look, object, doesn’t do much to me anymore, and I can say that it is not almost important to me. I am finding my way to learn more about how, why, what for that I want to make something as art.

Today, I make less work than I used to do, but what I make is coming from my better understanding point of myself. I have slowly realized to myself about the object that I make is not perfect, there is no need to be perfect, nor the best, what is the best….( no one know even if someone refers to know or be… who cares. )

Then why I am trying to make art work???

Simply because…. it makes me HAPPY, ALIVE, EXITING.

So if you are happy with whatever you are doing, you are doing the right thing.

I am with you to say to not living the past, but sometime the past inspires the future. I lately have looked back to my 10 years of works that I have made between 2002-2012. I don’t think I could do what I did all over again. Even if I could, the moments, spirit, inspirations, and the drive won’t ever be the same which will make the differences on final works. However, I know that we are as good, as who we used to be, but on a new direction!

When I think of the way I approach to art, I feel like I am collecting objective ideas, and used my products ( my artwork objects ) as a bridge to get me there.

We can’t touch it even it is real, but we always know that it is THERE….

Happy new year 2013 everyone.


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December 30th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

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